World’s Largest GPS Drawing Marriage Proposal (video)

If you’re looking for a unique marriage proposal and rather than go for the traditional, knee-weakeningly romantic line, “Will you marry me?” this one is slightly more impressive. A man named Yasushi Takahashi (Yassan) travelled  across Japan, creating the World’s Largest GPS Drawing to Propose to his girlfriend. Yassan  decided to quit his job and go for an epic 6-month adventure across Japan and mapped out his route to just spell out “MARRY ME”. He started his journey in Hokkaido, where he drew a heart and went to tourist attractions and ate local delicacies in dozens of places as he traced a route as far south as Nagasaki. Actually, this man managed to write a 4,451-mile (7,164km) proposal using GPS.

World’s Largest GPS Drawing Marriage Proposal

A Youtube video showcase a seven-minute slideshow of various landmarks that Takahashi visited during his travels.

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