World Record: Bicycle Beats Ferrari In Race (video)

If you think a bicycle can’t beat a Ferrari in a race, this time you might wrong. Maybe you’re wondering how can a normal bike got up to an insane speed and left a Ferrari 430 Scuderia with 650 horsepower (HP) in a race. A French cyclist François Gissy dubbed as ‘rocketman340‘ uploaded a Youtube video the shows how he put a rocket on his bicycle fueled with hydrogen peroxide in order to achieved a speed of 333 km/hr (207 mph). The GPS installed on the bike indicated that it had achieved a top speed of 333 km/hr during the course of the race. Gissy, 32, broke his own record from 7 October 2013, when a top speed of 285 km/h (177.13 mph) was achieved.

According to Gissy:
“If we can find some serious sponsors, then we would like to build a monstrous bicycle, which will be called ‘Spine Crusher. The goal would be to accelerate to more than 400 kph (249 mph) in less than 2 seconds. I just cross my fingers that we will have the green light soon in order to start the construction.”

Bicycle Beats Ferrari In Race

The makers are promising to come back with a “Spine Crusher rocket bicycle” in 2015 that will break the record of the rocket-propelled bicycle. They are however, still looking for sponsors for the same.

Bicycle Beats Ferrari In Race

The video went viral and received 11 million views as of this writing. However, many spectators does not consider it as a bicycle because it was already modified and it was not propelled by the pedals.

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