Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense Feature Raises Security Issue

A day after Microsoft unveiled its new operating system (Windows 10), it is reported that over 14 Million Windows users upgraded their PCs and laptops immediately for free. However, security experts says Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense feature could be a privacy problem.


For your insight, Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense feature allows you to share your Wi-Fi password with your friends or contacts, as well as lets you automatically connect to networks that your friends and acquaintances have connected to in past, even if you don’t know the password. To make it simple, you don’t need to read out loud your Wi-Fi password, character by character when your friends are at your home and want to use the internet and ask “What’s the Wi-Fi password?“.

According to Microsoft:

“If you choose to share with your Facebook friends, any of your Facebook friends who are using Wi-Fi Sense on a Windows Phone will be able to connect to the network you shared when it’s in range, You can’t pick and choose individual contacts.”

The problem here is that you can’t choose any individual contact from your list. It means, your network access will be shared to all your contacts in the selected social network. What if the majority of people in your contact list are those you don’t know personally or trust? However, Microsoft argued that “Neither it allows anyone to access your local resources so that nobody can hunt through your personal files“.

Technically, attackers and -hackers- can use the so-called Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack to access every piece of information you’re sending out on the Internet, including important emails, account passwords or credit card information. They can easily target your machine directly using -Metasploit- or any other -hacking- tool.

Should You Stop Using It?
Here’s the advice: If you are concerned more about security, just turn Wi-Fi Sense OFF. To disable Wi-Fi Sense, go to Windows Settings, then Network & Internet and then click “Change Wi-Fi settings,” and then “Manage Wi-Fi settings.”


What if you don’t want your friends sharing the information about your network’s password with their friends? Just simply add “_optout” to your network name. For example, if your Wifi network name is “WiFiSense”, replace it with “WiFiSense_optout”. Yeah, it’s a little bit technical but if you don’t add “_optout” to your network and want to stay out of Microsoft’s Wi-Fi Sense database, you’ll need to manually enter your password on your friends’ devices and need to uncheck Windows 10’s “Share network with my contacts.”

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