This Site Shows Who Is *Hacking* Whom Right Now – U.S. Is Under Attack

The leading innovator of live dark intelligence and adaptive security solutions, Norse, recently released a real-time animated map that shows continuous -cyberattacks- around the world. Surprisingly, the United States is being consistently hit by the -hackers- worldwide, U.S. based computer security firm stated. In a report, United States had been attacked 27 times followed by Thailand within a 45-minute span.

This Site Shows Who Is Hacking Whom Right Now


How does this work?

This map relies on a Norse honeypot network — a network purposefully designed to detect *hacking* — to provide a representative snapshot of global -hacking- attempts. There are 10 million daily -hacking- attempts against the Pentagon alone. Furthermore, China accounted for 2,513 attacks. The U.S. accounted for the second highest number of attacks, with 1,550 attacks originating within America. However, a number of American attacks targeted computers elsewhere in the United States.

View here: Real-time Animated Map

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