Teen *Killed* His Brother Because Of Flappy Bird

Teen Killed His Brother Because Of Flappy Bird

A teen from Chicago has been allegedly reported *killed* his own brother because of Flappy Bird, an addictive game that is currently become worldwide sensation. According to the report, Gary Wright stabbed his brother Jabari with a knife after his brother achieved a higher score.

“Gary Wright, 16 years old, was playing ‘Flappy Bird’ with his Brother, Jabari Wright, 17 years old, when Jabari reached a score of 17 in the game. Things quickly got out of hand when Jabari kept teasing Gary about his high score, which was 6. Gary allegedly stabbed Jabari with a knife 17 times in the chest, referencing his high score of 17. Gary himself called the police after he *killed* his brother and turned himself in. The Brothers’ parents have refused to speak to reporters.”

“Police officer Marco Grant told Huzlers, ‘It’s a tragedy, he murdered his own brother because of a stupid game, I mean, Iv’e played the game before, and it’s hard as sh*t, f*ck that game! I couldn’t even pass 5, Why the f*ck are you a bird if you can’t f*cking fly straight, fake a*s Super Mario piece of sh*t!.’ The officer then threw a fit as he remembered how frustrating the game was and had to be taken away by other officers.”

The teen was arrested because of murdering his own brother over the addicting mobile game. The parent of the two teenager refused to give more details about the horrifying incident.

“Anyone who has played that game would know why I did it.” – Gary Wright –



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