Swedish Company Implants Chips In Their Employees

Workers in Epicenter (Swedish company) are getting a microchip implanted in their hands. The chips are the size of grain of rice and store personalized security information much like a chip-and-pin credit card. With the wave of a hand you can open the door, operate the photocopier and even pay for your coffee. The microchips are called Radio-Frequency Identification Chips (RFID). They store personal security information which can be transmitted over short distances to special receivers. The Swedish Tech Company Epicenter already has about 400 employees chipped.

However, according to several commentators, this technology represents the ‘Mark of the Beast 666’ (Revelation 13:18). It will declare one world money and one world government. They believe the government will control you..your money, your property, your life!

The Company That Impants Chips In Their EmployeesIs this technology going to far? Check out this Swedish company that is IMPLANTING microchips into the skin of their employees.

Posted by Revision3 on Monday, September 28, 2015


Credit: Vanilla Brief

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