Spider-Puppy: The Eight Legged Dog

A puppy with a total of eight limbs was born in Vaini of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday. Known as spider-puppy, the newborn has two bodies joined at the chest with two sets of front legs, two sets of back legs and complete with two tails. Unfortunately, the puppy, who was the only one of her five littermates to have any abnormalities, -died- several hours after being born.

According to Vukitangitau Maloni:

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. She was struggling to crawl and unfortunately, she -died- a few hours later. My neighbour’s dog gave birth to five other healthy puppies but she was the cutest out of them. It looks like two pups that didn’t quite separate and there are deformities in the face too like a cleft pallet. Her face looks quite blue, which are signs of not enough oxygen. I can see her umbilical cord still attached and she looks no more than 12 hours old. It’s hard to tell what breed she is but she’s a big puppy though. So a medium-large breed such as a staffordshire bull terrier or similar.”

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