Scientists Off Delaware Catch Shark Within A Shark (photo)

Scientists Off Delaware Catch Shark Within A Shark


Have you seen shark eaten by other shark? That’s exactly what is encountered by the researchers at the University of Delaware when trying to recaptured tagged sand tiger sharks.

The moment a small fish was cast, a 3-foot shark referred to as a dogfish has been fast to grab the bait, however the much larger sand tiger shark swallowed the small shark also. The scientists had caught a shark within a shark, which in-turn persuaded professional bass angler Aaron Martens to statement:

“There’s gotta be some kind of ‘turducken‘ label for this kind of situation.”

According to the ORB Lab (Ocean Exploration, Remote Sensing, Biogeography Lab.):

“The dogfish was about 3 feet long and completely swallowed by the sand tiger shark.”

Sand tiger sharks are aggresive-looking because of the numerous dagger-like teeth sticking out from their jaws. Sand tigers, which can be measure to approximately ten feet, suffer a loss of an average of one tooth per day and brag fifty six rows of teeth in each jaw “at any time waiting to replace lost or broken teeth.”


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