Pinoy OFW Willing To Pay To Get Pregnant (video)

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) from Philippines who posted in Facebook of her willingness to pay just to get pregnant became viral lately in different social media sites. Rosemarie Catidral also known as Shane Marie Gamboa grabbed the attention of the public by challenging and searching for a man who wants to take her deal. But she wants a quite handsome guy as she wants her baby to be beautiful or handsome and willing to pay 20,000 pesos (roughly $445) with no strings attached.

Pinoy OFW Willing To Pay To Get Pregnant

According to the report, Rosemarie is working in Dubai for six years and wants to get pregnant once she returns in the Philippines but don’t necessarily need a husband. She will pay the money once her pregnancy is confirmed and there will be a contract to be signed by her and the “babymaker”. She clearly says that the ties between them ends right after moment she confirmed she’s carrying a baby. On the otherhand, she promised to take care of the child adding she has a decent job, enough for her to raise a family on her own, acting both as a mother and a father.

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