Pinoy Film Director Angers Netizens After Criticizing Pope Francis’ PH Visit

A Filipino Film Director named Ejay Yan also called ‘Ejay BigBear‘ has been lambasted all over social media after posting controversial comment regarding Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines. Ejay questioned Pope Francis’ earlier statement: I should not be the focus, Jesus should be the focus.”

He was furious of the papal visit when it has ‘disturbed’ payroll schedules because of the declared holidays, traffic jams brought about by closed roads, and all the spending government has to make to ensure Pope’s security.

Pinoy Film Director Angers Netizens After Criticizing Pope Francis' PH Visit

Before Ejay deleted his post and deactivate his account, some online users manage to grab a screen shot of the said controversial statement and get more details about him.

Based on his profile, Yan is an indie film director of FILmO Media Productions. In one of his previous posts in social network, he said that he dislikes “people who post too much about god and bible verses too frequently…”

According to several commentators:

“The Film Director may be forgetting of the mix of politics and religion. Pope’s comment is obviously should not be taken literally.The Pope may have observed that so many big figures welcomed him and even public officials who could not leave his side. The Pope is here not because he just wants to be here…but he needs to, the Vatican needs him to be here. Many international people are visiting our country to inspect their donations, performances and etc. due to popular corruption…so Catholic bashers – not all Catholics are blind followers…but at least the Pope is better than any popular figures in the land.”

“I am not Catholic either but I respect the Pope and his mission…And when he said FOCUS ON JESUS AND NOT ON ME, he is stating the truth. It just so happened that the people in the countries he goes to make it a big event. Christians will do the same if Bill Graham goes to their country. Maybe not as big as the Catholics’, but it will be celebrated. You need to give respect and honor to the leaders of each sect. It’s a very important rule as a human being.”

“Ang pinagtataka ko lng eh pano siya nagkaroon ng likes and shares sa napaka istupidong post na yun. Napaka raming bobo palang tao na kagaya niya.”

“Kung akala mo sisikat ka sa pag po post ng negative comment sa santo papa.. ehh mali ka dyan. Ungas ka pala ehhh imbes na mah thank u ka at sa edad na 78 ay pinag aksayahan ka ng matanda madalaw ang palugmok ng pilipinas. Hindi ako katoliko pero naturuan akong rumespeto sa matatanda at naturuan din ako sumagot sa katulad mong papansin. Mapapaaga ang pagkalaos mo Indie Film Director Ejay Yan.. pweeee!!!”

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