Pinoy Dance Group Wins Standing Ovation On Asia’s Got Talent (video)

An all-Filipino dance group named “Junior New System” received a standing ovation from the judges and viewers when they danced in the Asia’s Got Talent premiered night on March 12, 2015. Composed of nine members and wearing camouflage costumes, students aged 16 to 23 impressed all four judges with their opening moves. They are a dance group with the genre of hip-hop. The judges are the Grammy-winning record producer David Foster, Indonesian superstar Anggun, former F4 member and Taiwanese actor-pop singer Vaness Wu, and former Spice Girls member Melanie C.

“Do you know one of the things that I love about that? So often we see a dance group and there’s a couple of people, that might be a couple of weak link, even if it just is in their faces. Every one of you is equally brillant!”

Vaness Wu

“You guys have the power moves. You guys have the attitude. You guys had the flair and it was just very unique in the sense that you were very original in what you guys did. So great job! Mabuhay!”

“I like the fact that when you came into the stage, you’re all shy… and then the music started, then you danced and you were powerful, you were fierce… and then the music changed, then you became something else… and then it was funny and it was sweet and cute… and there was a lot of things and I loved it so much!”

David Foster
“Junior New System, Asia’s Got Talent has been looking for you! There’s not an act in America, from Beyoncé on down, that wouldn’t love to have you guys behind her.”

Credit: AsiaNo

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