Pacquiao Wins Via Unanimous Decision Against Algieri (video)

Round 1: Pacquiao is aggressive from the start, Algieri is on the move. Manny pushes Algieri to the ropes. Pacquiao lands a left up the middle, and left to the body. Algieri hasn’t let a significant punch go.

Round 2: Manny hits Algieri with a 1-2 but the latter quickly moves away when he touches the ropes. Algieri hasn’t land anything significant after two rounds. Even the jabs don’t land. A slip from Algieri in that round, as he drops to his knee in Pacquiao’s corner.

Round 3: Algieri trying to mount offense in this round as he hits Manny with a hard straight to the guard of the Filipino. Manny Pacquiao has no respect for Algieri’s jabs. Algieri keeping the right hand home because he’s afraid of left hand counters. Algieri’s left eye is swelling up.

Round 4: Algieri now aggressive in round 4, hasn’t landed anything yet but he’s throwing his jab to land it. Pac comes right through with his shots. Algieri’s movement is giving Pacquiao some problems, but isn’t winning Algieri any rounds. Pacquiao looking for the openings still. Pacquiao has landed 65 punches to Algieri’s 20. Manny’s punches have been much harder. Pacquiao steps inside an Algieri jab and lands a straight left. Algieri lands a one-off right, end of round 4.

Round 5: Algieri is moving so much, steps in once in a while for a right hand. Pacquiao having trouble getting to him all the time. Algieri is successful in his bicycle right now as he is able to land his right, but he eats three-punch combos in return. Round 5 may have been Algieri’s. Hard to score a round for a guy who runs that much. It looks like Algieri is picking up his offense a bit; he’s landed a number of right hands so far.

Pacquiao Wins Via Unanimous Decision Against Algieri

Round 6: Manny hurts Algieri with a right and drops the American! Algieri survives the sixth! But he was down twice and looks mentally and physically out of the fight. That’s 3 knockdowns so far. Pacquiao drives Algieri to the ropes, and knocks him (Algieri) down AGAIN with a straight left!

Round 7: Algieri busy throwing his punches, but gets caught with a 1-2 from Manny. The more that Algieri starts his offense, the more vulnerable he becomes to Manny’s punches. Manny hurts Algieri with a right hook. Algieri remains active and goes to the body. Pacquiao lands a 3 punch combination! Manny is stalking, asking Algieri to fight. Algieri just flying around the ring.

Round 8: Manny scores a quick 1-2 in the last 20 seconds of the round. Manny continues his attacks and Algieri keeps deflecting. Barely hitting back. Algieri eats another flurry of Pacquiao punches. Pacquiao patiently stalking, knows Algieri can’t hurt him.

pacquiao vs. algieri4

Round 9: Manny drops Algieri with a hard left! Algieri is showing tremendous courage, while Manny is hitting him with everything!! Algieri survives Round 9.

Round 10: Chris Algieri’s legs are shot. He can’t even move at this point, looks ready to fall over. Pacquiao lands two lefts. Algieri goes down again!  Manny drops Algieri again in this round. His legs are gone.

Round 11: Algieri starts round 11 by throwing a right hand. Manny now can block the jabs of Algieri. Manny hits his opponent with a hard left. Algieri comes out throwing! Algieri throws a number of combinations, but Pacquiao catches them.

pacquiao vs. algieri1

Round 12: Manny gets hit with Algieri’s right but replies with his straight left. It doesn’t seem like Manny is urgently trying to get a knockout. Manny Pacquiao likely has won every single round, plus the 36 knockdowns in the fight. 119-103 on two cards, 120-102 on the third. Manny Pacquiao is still the WBO welterweight champion. What a performance by the Pacman.

The judges’ scores: 119-103 | 119-103 | 120-102 : all for Pacquiao!

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