Number Of Pacquiao’s Punches Will Be Too Much For Mayweather (video)

How many punches do you think Manny Pacquiao can throw in 30 seconds? The Filipino champ sets a record of 139 punches in 37:22 seconds. Several commentators believed that it is enough to beat Floyd Mayweather easily if Manny will be wise in using it because the unbeaten American fighter is known for his smarts and famous shoulder roll that make it hard for opposing fighters to land a solid hit.

According to coach Justin Fortune:

“The volume of Manny’s punches should be too much for Floyd.”

“Floyd is used to someone firing three or four punch combinations. [Pacquiao] is like 6 and 8, and he’s from all angles. He’s very hard to figure out, Pacquiao,” he added.

On the other hand, Pacquiao stated:

“He has a good defense but I don’t worry about that. I can easily break that defense,” the eight-division champion said after the kick-off press conference for the mega-fight.


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