Nik Wallenda’s Epic Blindfolded Skyscraper Walk (video)

Daredevil Nik Wallenda has been successfully finished what he called the most dangerous stunt he’s ever made, walking across skyscrapers in Chicago blindly. The King of the High Wire walks 93 feet across tightrope 558 feet above ground blindfolded while millions of viewers watched in breath-taking amazement on Discovery Channel and online. One walk was 200 yards long with an incredible 19-degree incline. The other was shorter – 93 feet.

According to Wallenda:
“I’m definitely not taking my time,” he said at one point. “Unfortunately, I planned to do a selfie right now, but I’m not going to do one. You probably saw me shaking like a leaf,” Wallenda told Discovery Channel afterward. “That wire was shaking underneath me. I just wanted to make it to the other side. I wasn’t going to think twice. I was just getting to where I was going.”

Nik Wallenda's Epic Blindfolded Skyscraper Walk
Nik Wallenda's Epic Blindfolded Skyscraper Walk

An official from Guinness World Records was on hand to certify Wallenda’s feats as world records—highest incline tightrope walk at 670.73 feet and the highest blindfolded tightrope walk at 557.89 feet.

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