Mysterious Fish Long-Nosed Chimaera Goes Viral (video)

Mysterious Fish Long-Nosed Chimaera

A photo of the mystery fish with whip-like tail and cone-shaped snout that was found off northeastern Canada becomes internet viral. The mysterious fish has been identified as a long-nosed chimaera after it was captured by Nunavut fishermen in the Hudson Strait. According to Ocean Tracking Network researcher, Nigel Hussey:

“Potentially, if we fish deeper, maybe between 1,000 and 2,000 meters, we could find that there’s actually quite a lot of them,” Hussey said. “We just don’t know.”

However, others mistakenly identified the fish as a goblin shark. Long-nosed chimaeras, have hideous looking mouths full with sharp teeth, measure to about five-feet. They roam the darkness with huge snouts that contain sensory nerve endings that aid in the search for prey.

watch the video.

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