Mayweather Wins Via Unanimous Decision

Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao via unanimous decision in their mega-fight.

Round 12. Mayweather danced, countered and moved his way to the final bell.

Round 11: Mayweather came out swinging and started strong. Pacquiao had little success with his flurries this time, getting countered by Mayweather with right straights and left hooks

Round 10: Pacquiao’s calculated aggression paid off as he landed shots at Mayweather to the head and body

Round 9: Pacquiao landed left hands using smart aggression

Round 8: Mayweather controlled the pace and distance. Both fighters landed clean shots of their own. Not too much action in this round

Round 7: Mayweather not allowing Pacquiao to get his rhythm and unload his combinations. Denver Cuello says Manny has to stop trying to box Mayweather

Round 6: Mayweather maintained the jab and distance only to be flurried by Pacquiao to the head and body while at the ropes

Round 5: Mayweather moved around the ring mostly looking to counter and land his right straights. Denver Cuello says Pacquiao has to do what he did to Mayweather in round 4

Round 4: Pacquiao finally landing his hard flurries at Mayweather, his most successful round yet in the fight #GoManny

Round 3: Pacquiao tags Mayweather with a right and a left. More aggressive Pacquiao in Round 3.

Round 2: Pacquiao tags Mayweather with a nice left hook. Mayweather holding and hitting again. Mayweather is quick to clinch everytime Pacquiao loads up

Round 1: Mayweather being aggressive with his jabs early in the first round. Mayweather tags Pacquiao with a nice right. Mayweather keeping Manny at bay with his length.


Mayweather Wins Via Unanimous Decision




Credit: Rappler

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