Mayweather vs Pacquiao Scorecard Results Switched (photo)

An alleged report regarding the switching of the scorecard results of Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight received mixed reactions from the netizens. According to the report, a boxing fan from Ireland spotted something  that caught his attention after the Nevada State Athletic Commission published the bout’s official score card.

“This is interesting, Paquiao was the Red corner, Mayweather was the Blue corner, official judges appeared to have given the points to Paquiao yet result was a reverse, look what is hand written in the bottom of the score card on the right,” Chris Cooke posted on Facebook after the fight.

He immediately posted a screenshot of the scorecard with red and blue boxes drawn on it, as well as screen grabs of a video showing Mayweather in the blue corner and Pacquiao in the red corner.


Mayweather vs Pacquiao Scorecard Results

Credit: Chris Cooke


“It seems the judges scored it as it should be but someone or some others decided to announce it the other way around? How could the decision written on the right hand side at the bottom be known or written on that card if the higher points were given to the Red corner (Paquiao)?”

“Denga Missdee Phiriga because when the scores were read out they gave the high scores to Mayweather – blue corner and declared him the winner, the picture shows the high scores are for the Pacquiao – red corner so what happened? Was he robbed?”

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