Man Buys MacBook On eBay, Gets Just A Picture Of It

A British man who buys MacBook on eBay for $460 received just a picture of it. Paul Barrington, 38, wanted to start a business as a wedding disc jockey and gave up his career at the child care center was so dismayed after receiving a picture of the high-end laptop. Instead of a MacBook, he merely got a picture of one. It wasn’t even in color.

He had been forced to sell his precious surfboard so he can afford to pay for an eBay winning bid of $460 for an Apple Macbook that would normally cost $2,300 when bought new.

Man Buys MacBook On eBay, Gets Just A Picture Of It

“It’s the first time I haven’t had a surfboard since I was ten years old, but I need a laptop so I checked the listing and the seller’s rating,” he said. “I was excited about winning the auction and just thought, I’ve got a laptop so I can start the business.”

“I sold my pride and joy for a piece of paper,” Paul added.

According to the eBay spokesman:

“We were very sorry to hear about Mr Barrington’s unusual experience. eBay’s Money Back Guarantee will ensure he gets a refund as soon as possible. With more than 150 million active global buyers having access to over 800 million listings at any given time, the overwhelming majority of listings on eBay come from honest and law-abiding sellers. Bottom line, when you shop on eBay, we have your back.”

Although he was frustrated as the -fraud- would mean massive delay on his plan to start a business, he admitted he almost had a laugh after opening the package.

Will you still buy an item in eBay?

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