iPad Air 2 Bending Issue, Just Like iPhone 6 Plus (video)

The Apple’s newly launched iPad Air 2 is the thinnest tablets in the market today ever made. However, there is a similarity issue like in iPhone 6. The iPad Air 2 can also bends out of shape. A German user named Marvin Macht posted a YouTube video showing how the new super-slim iPad Air 2 can be bent easily. He used his hands to bend the TouchID enabled tablet in just a few seconds and the device broke right in the middle.

The iPad Air 2 appeared to suffer mortal damage, with its screen warping and small bits appearing to fall off.

“Oh my God, iPad Air 2 is extremely bent by only using my hands!” Marvin stated.

iPad Air 2 Bend

But here’s the good news, Marvin added: “it’s still working!” That is, if one can read a display from a severely warped screen.

In real life, you are probably not going to apply so much pressure on your tablet or put it in your pocket. Note that bending is not a design flaw. Any device with metal chassis would bend when applied certain pressure.

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