Goat Gives Birth To Human Like Babies Goes Viral

Believe it or not, a goat from India has given birth to human-like babies. The baby goat at the Solapur hamlet in H.D. Kote taluk in Karnataka possess about 70% resemblance to the body of human baby. The eyes, nose, limbs and mouth are similar to those in human while the foot and ears looks like that of a goat. The goat’s owner, Bhaskar, stated that the goat has given birth to ten kids in the past four years and all of them were normal.

The first human-like baby was born at around 6:30 am on Monday, while the goat gave birth to other one at 11:30 am, which was a female with human features.

According to the experts, it is the result of a rare genetic condition.

“In medical terms, the condition in is called fetal anasarta, means the baby body filled with excessive fluids. This happens due to a genetic disorder or infection.”

Goat Gives Birth To Human Like Babies

Meanwhile, it resulted to different response and speculations. Others believe that the DNA testing must be made to prove weather if has -sexual- intercourse taken between human and the animal. The two stillborn baby goats will be preserved and exhibited at the Mysore Dasara Exhibition.

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