Free Internet In Philippines Using Facebook’s Internet.Org App

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the availability of the app for millions of people in the Philippines to use free internet. Filipinos can enjoy basic internet services for free related to education, health, employment, communication, and information and news without data charges. According to Facebook, they wanted to bring internet services to two-thirds of the world who are not yet online.


“We are working with operators, content partners, and governments from all over the world to address the barriers that prevent people from connecting and joining the knowledge economy. We are excited to bring the app to the Philippines and give people access to internet services and tools that can help create new ideas and opportunities.”

Users can use one of a selection of apps entirely for free. These include:

  • Facebook – for staying in touch with friends
  • Facebook Messenger – for direct contact with loved ones
  • Google Search – to find information, though clicking through to results will require a data plan
  • Wikipedia – to learn about anything, and all internal Wikipedia links are free to access
  • AccuWeather – to get updated weather information that’s critical for farmers
  • Airtel – to learn more about the carrier and buy data plans
  • eZeLibrary – to learn about Zambian government information
  • Facts for Life (by UNICEF) – to find heath and hygiene info including advice on pregnancy, childbirth, childhood illnesses, child development, parenting, protection, and child care
  • Go Zambia Jobs – to search for jobs
  • Kokoliko – search for jobs
  • MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action) – Info on maternal health for impoverished mothers
  • WRAPP (Women’s Rights App) – learn about women’s rights and what to do if rights have been violated
  • Zambia uReport (by UNICEF) – To find HIV and AIDS health info

Access will be available to users within PLDT’s mobile brands, which includes SMART, Sun Cellular and Talk n’ Text with 50MB daily allocation.

How to use free internet using app?
1. Subscribers may download the app on Google Play Store or just simply text INTERNET to 9999

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