Floyd Mayweather Retires After 49 Straight Victories

After beating Andre Berto via unanimous-decision on Saturday, September 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Mayweather announced his retirement. The undefeated American boxer claimed that he had accomplished everything in sport and he has nothing left to prove.

Floyd Mayweather retires

“My career is over. It’s official. My 49-0 record is part of boxing. I’ve accomplished everything in this sport, there’s nothing else to accomplish.”

Mayweather believed that he is “The Best Ever” because he is always 10 steps ahead of any fighter.

“If you put them in front of me, we see what they can do. It’s all about that IQ. I’m 10 steps ahead of any fighter. I take whatever is your best attribute and take that away from you, make you do what you don’t want to do. I’m looking forward to finding the next Floyd Mayweather and seeing someone break all these records I set. Records are meant to be broken.”

According to the report, Mayweather holds a 49-0 record which equaled the record set by former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano.

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