Ebay Auction iPhone 5S With Flappy Bird Installed For $99,900

An Ebay user who is selling his 16GB space gray AT&T iPhone 5s with Flappy Bird installed become viral when the bid rises up from $650 to $99,900. Wow! almost $100,000 for a used iPhone 5s with Flappy Bird installed.

Ebay Auction iPhone 5S With Flappy Bird Installed For $99,900

According to Vasil Kiniv, the seller of the device:

“EBay took it down. They said that you can’t sell phones with apps. Which doesn’t make sense to me because every iPhone has apps and they sell millions of them on EBay.”

“They didn’t really make sense on exactly why they removed it,” he said. “Kept changing their reason. First it was because they don’t approve of the item yet because it’s so new that they don’t know if it should sell for that much. And then they said that it was violating Apple terms.”

Ebay email stated:

“Smartphones and tablets must be restored to factory settings before they are allowed to be sold on EBay. Please remove all content from your device, including the game Flappy Bird, before you attempt to list your item again.”

The device had gained 74 bids and was listed at $99,900 and still had six days left before the auction closed, however, it was removed by Ebay.

You might wonder why iPhone 5S with Flappy Bird installed attracted dozens of bids? Maybe because Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen pulled the game from app stores yesterday, meaning the mobile hit is now an instant collector’s item.


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