Eaten Alive: Watch Man Eaten Alive By Anaconda (video)

Discovery channel will air its controversial programme Eaten Alive on Sunday 9pm ET in which film maker Paul Rosolie will be eaten alive by a a 25-to-27-foot giant green anaconda for the popular show. The programme intends to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the endangered Amazon River environment.

According to the 27-year-old film maker, Paul Rosolie:

“We need the Amazon ecosystem. I’ve watched scientists work their whole lives to raise awareness, but deforestation continues, I was thinking of doing something that would grab people and force a spotlight on the area at this point, because it’s kind of now or never.”

“She nailed me right in the face, and the last thing I remember was her mouth open wide, straight in my face, and everything went black. I went limp and let it constrict. All the while I was just thinking: ‘Eat, eat, eat!’ Rosolie share his experience.

In order to prevent suffocating, experts will dress Rosolie a specially designed carbon fiber suit, equipped with a breathing system as well as with cameras and a system to communicate.

“We didn’t know if this was going to work, if I was going to be eaten, but we made sure that if I did make it inside the snake, I wouldn’t suffocate.”

However, Rosolie has encountered criticism from animal rights groups, including from PETA, who said “the snake was tormented and suffered for the sake of ratings.”

You can watch the Eaten Alive show here.

Eaten Alive: Watch Man Eaten Alive By Anaconda

(Facebook: Paul Rosolie)

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