Duterte Orders the Release of Janet Napoles from Prison

Presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte orders Malacanang to release Janet Lim-Napoles, the suspected mastermind of the controversial pork barrel scam from prison. According to the Davao City Mayor, the government’s inability to pay for the cost of her incarceration, and lack of evidence as reasons for Napoles’ untimely release. The government has done as much as it can within its powers to get Napoles to confess her alleged involvement in the scandal, but it had failed to gain credible evidence and failed to get Napoles to pin the senators and other members of congress to the allegations set forth by the whistle-blowers.


Napoles is now in an undisclosed location. However, rumor has it that she is applying to immigrate to China to work for the Chinese government this April Fools Day, financing projects for communications company ZTE, and handling finances for other government officials.

What Can You Say?


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