Desperate Chinese Guy Rents Out Girlfriend For Iphone 6

A desperate Chinese guy from Shanghai rents out his 21-year-old girlfriend for an hour, a day, or a month, in exchange of money to buy iPhone 6. Wei Chu, 25, confirmed that his girlfriend will be rented in an hour for $1.60 per hour, $8 for a day or $80 per month.

Images of Chu holding placard states:

“Sharing girlfriend for pocket money. 10RMB (£1) per hour, 50RMB (£5) per day, 500RMB (£50) a month,” the sign reads. “If you are interested, connect to personal hotspot ‘wifi sharing master’ to check her out.”

Desperate Chinese Guy Rents Out Girlfriend For Iphone 6

However, Chu insited that his girlfriend’s service only includes dinner out, play games, or study dates.

“Service items include but are not restricted to: eating together, studying together, saving seats (in libraries/classrooms), three-person dates. Fees generated during dates should be split,” the placard also reads.”

Desperate Chinese Guy Rents Out Girlfriend For Iphone 6a

Standing outside Songjiang University, Shanghai holding a ‘Girlfriend Sharing‘ advertising board first emerged on Chinese social media earlier this week.

Apparently, a Saudi man whas been reported to have asked his future brother-in-law to give him an iPhone 6 as dowry for marrying his sister.

“We need to promote a culture where marriage should not be used by anyone to get gifts or make profits in any way. If I had been the groom, I would have confronted the brother,” Bahraini office clerk Saud Ahmad said, in response to the man’s request.

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