Caught In The Act: Group Records “Fast and Furious 7” At Theater (video)

A Youtube video of a group of couple having verbal argument in the Sta. Lucia Grandmall in Cainta, Rizal regarding the -violation- of -unauthorized- video recording of the group in cinema goes viral after it was uploaded in Facebook. According to the report, a couple was watching Fast and Furious 7 but was distracted by the glare from a phone. The couple had a hard time watching and asked the group to turn off their cellphones since it wasn’t allowed to record inside the cinema anyway. After the movie, the couple were surprised as they were approached and confronted by the other group upon exiting the theater.

“When we got out of the cinema, they confronted us and started a scene. Blue shirt, red shirt, and tank top even raised their middle fingers on us.”

“The female in red was already taking a video of my husband saying she has a lot of followers on Facebook. So I also took my phone out and started shooting.”

Republic Act 10088, which is enacted on 2009 stated:

“The unauthorized use, possession and/or control of audiovisual recording devices for the unauthorized recording of cinematographic films and other audiovisual works and/or their soundtracks in an exhibition facility, providing penalties therefor and for other purposes.”

If proven guilty, the group might be charged in accordance with Republic Act 10088.

Credit: Matteo Menesis

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