Buy Apps Using Smart’s Pay-With-Load Service

Smart Communications launches the so-called world’s first Pay-With-Load service for App Store, iTunes to their subscribers. Users don’t need credit card anymore in order to buy paid apps, games, music, movies, books, and magazines to AppStore. They can buy using only their prepaid load or postpaid bill.

Smart's Pay-With-Load Service

Steps on how to avail Smart’s Pay-With-Mobile service:

  1. Register first by texting REG to 4949. Then you will receive Pay-With-Mobile number and account details.
  2. Go to the Apple ID Account Settings page on iTunes or the App Store
  3. Select “MasterCard” as your payment option
  4. Enter the details needed on their corresponding fields

After that, the card number will be associated with the account. Then you can start purchasing any paid apps you want. You will receive an SMS notification to inform you of your purchase. The Pay-With-Mobile service will start on February 16, 2015 with full availability by the 18th. Sun Cellular subscribers can enjoy also the service soon.

NOTE: According to Smart, a 15-percent premium will be charged on top of the published App Store and iTunes rates to account for VAT and foreign exchange rate difference in dollars.

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