Breaking Bad: Final Showdown Of Walt And Hank (video)

Breaking Bad Final Showdown Of Walt And Hank

The American TV drama series five seasons of ‘Breaking Bad’ now is coming to an end. The series is definitely setting up a show-down between Walt and Hank. And despite the fact that Walt is gradually getting pinned in, creator Vince Gilligan suggests that Walt has some fight left in him.

“If you take the good guy you turn him into the bad guy, your very first question is, ‘How bad is bad? How bad can he get?'” Gilligan says. “We have seen him be very bad indeed, but is he going to get worse? Maybe. Is he going to get better? Maybe there’s room for a little bit of both of those things.”

For sure, viewers seeking for a highly happy conclusion for any of these characters might choose to change their expectations.

“It’s certainly not a happy musical number,” Gunn jokes of the series’ final act. “It’s not like you feel pleased necessarily, but you do feel a deep sense of it being right. I remember reading it and just nodding my head, thinking, ‘Yeah, yeah, that’s it.'”

Breaking Bad, whose final eight episodes roll-out Sunday night at 10 p.m., seems to have influenced books, such as ‘Breaking Bad’ and Philosophy’  and “ ‘Breaking Bad: Alchemy”. A ‘Breaking Bad’ showcase launched lately at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria.

Sunday’s episode is entitled ‘Blood Money,’ and has been directed by Cranston himself.

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