Beware: 4 Kids In Batangas Abducted, Forced Into Van

Four children have been missing and abducted in San Pascual town Batangas. According to, the victims was allegedly abducted and forced into a van by armed suspects who pointed a gun at the driver of the jeepney they was riding. Names of missing children have been released. Robin Cabral, 14; Jerome Claveria, 12; Mica Recto, 11; and Romar Manalo, 12. The children was reportedly last seen riding a jeepney in the nearby town of Bauan Thursday evening.

kidnap van


Credit: Bobet Alcordo

Previously, rumors regarding the so-called “kidnap van” surfaced online and bring fears to people nationwide. Abductors used green van with plate number XMM-507 and a white van (VXM-357). Parents are now more cautious and are fetching their children from school. Sr. Insp. Elmer Aguila, deputy chief of police in Bauan, appealed to witnesses to give their statements.

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