Best Buy $1 iPhones Is Now Available

Best Buy is now offering $1 iPhones trade-ins from February 28 – March 01, 2014. Customers who trade in their phones will receive a minimum $150 gift card to be used towards the iPhone purchase. Best buy allows customers to trade in their iPhone 4s or 5 for the iPhone 5s 16GB for $149.99 only. The deal does not include any taxes or surcharges due at the time of purchase.

Best Buy $1 iPhones Is Now Available

Best Buy $1 iPhones Eligibility:

  • Must purchase the phone with a new activation agreement through Verizon , AT&T or Sprint
  • Users have to trade in their working Apple iPhone 4s or iPhone 5
  • Must be in good condition
  • No any water damage or cracked glass
  • NOTE: If your iPhone is even slightly scratched, it could possibly affect the trade-in value.

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