Bb. Lungsod ng Batangas 2015 Candidates (photos)

One of the most awaited event of the year in Batangas City is the Bb. Lungsod ng Batangas coronation night. Every year, twenty candidates represents the true beauty of Batangueña, all vied for the crown for the year’s beauty pageant title. The yearly event which was organized by Batangas City Mayor Vilma Dimacuha and husband Ed Dimacuha will be held at the Batangas Sports Convention, also known as the City Coliseum. The text vote poll duration is from December 27,2014 to January 15, 2015.

Image Credit: Pio BatangasCity

Bb. Lungsod ng Batangas 2015 Candidates:
1. Diane Perez Ante
2. Angelica Buquid
3. Jenny Vebb De Chavez
4. Christine Jane Plata
5. Donna Fe Mulingtapang
6. Kathleen Mae Romillo
7. Ma Alondra Cusi
8. Mary Grace Dapito
9. Beverly Irish Clarete
10 .Lyra Rayos
11. Dericka Moreene Ambida
12. Lyssa Vanessa Andal
13. Rochelle Gaspar
14. Vanessa Mae Castillo
15. Tabitha Quincy Faytaren
16. Ericka Atienza
17. Siselle Zyra Fajardo
18. Mary Jane Duque
19. Vernelie Diane Babasa
20. Adriane Faye De Lunas

How To Vote?
Just Type
LNB POLL <number of candidate> send to 70023473

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