Barbie Xu of ‘Meteor Garden’ Thought ‘AlDub’ Was A Pet

Taiwanese actress Barbie Xu  posted on her official Twitter account and asked what this AlDub is all about that keeps on trending everyday. The ‘Meteor Garden‘ leading lady was wondering what is the “AlDub” craze which took social media by storm. Barbie Xu said, she thought AlDub is a pet. AlDub fans answered Xu’s question by saying that it is a “phenomenal” loveteam in the Philippines. However, one commentator claimed that the twitter account (@itsbarbiexu) is just a fake fanmade account. The only social media platform that the real Barbie Hsu uses is weibo. Xu’s tweet has been retweeted 1,706 times as of posting time.

Barbie Xu AlDub


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