Baptism Of Priests’ Children Causes Mixed Reactions

The baptism of children of two married Catholic priests in Lambunao, Iloilo caught the attention of the netizens resulting in different point of views on social media. Wearing their liturgical vestments, Fr. Hector Canto and Fr. Jose Elmer Cajilig attended the baptismal that was held at the ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel’ in Lambunao town together with the family members, friends and parishioners of the three priests.

Fr. Hector Canto has three other children. Fr. Jesus Siva has two sons while Fr. Cajilig has three children with his 27-year-old partner.

Baptism Of Priests' Children Causes Mixed Reactions

“Baptizing the children is giving them dignity. After all, they have done no wrong,” Fr. Siva stated.

According to several commentators:

“If the Church says go and multiply, how come the priests are forbidden to do so?”

I am a Catholic. I believe there should be proper reforms. But for a priest to blame the Church’s law on Celibacy is really an act of “I-made-a-mistake-and therefore-the rest-of-you-should-adjust-to-me” selfishness. After all, no one is forced to become a priest. And way before one becomes a priest, he knows that there are rules. It is simple: If you cannot live by the rules, then do not become a priest. They are welcome to leave the priesthood without fear of excommunication. They should not use the phrase “I want to serve the Lord…” as an excuse. They can still serve the Lord – priest or not.

It is a matter of choice and discipline. It is not a mistake of the Church. So bear with your choice, or move on as a lay person serving the Lord.

There is a so called dispensation.from the Vatican. These three priests must secure dispensation so that when approve they can happily live with their families. My question is why did they enter priesthood when they could not follow their vow of celibacy. This is scandalous act. These priests should stop officiating any catholic church rites. There actions seems to be a nuclear bomb to the catholic church. I wonder what the Iloilo archdiocese specifically the bishop assigned therein if they are not banned in performing their duties as priests.Are they not excommunicated?

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