Aswang In Batangas Causes Panic Among Netizens (video)

Do you believe in Aswang? Recently, netizens posted in TV Patrol Southern Tagalog Facebook page that a ghoulish vampire-like werewolf ghoul is allegedly roaming in the city of Batangas and in some nearby towns. According to the report, the Tanauan police station is warning the public not to go out in the streets at night because of the alleged group of ‘aswang‘ riding in a truck.

Aswang In Batangas Causes Panic Among Netizens

To stop other netizens from falling for the -hoax-, Police Inspector Dante Madajas of the Tanauan City Police Station said there was absolutely no basis for the message. In the first place, he pointed out, it definitely didn’t come from their office.

(There’s no truth to that rumor. In fact, we have never received any report from the 48 barangays here as to the sightings of such creature.)
“Wala pong katotohanan yan sapagkat wala pa po kami report na natatanggap sa 48 barangay dito na sila po ay may nakitang aswang sa kanilang barangay,” Police Inspector Dante Majadas of Tanauan City PNP said.

Meanwhile, citizens of Tayabas Quezon was warned to avoid a big woman with glaring eyes.

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